In 2016, VRT News’ war journalist Jen Franssens travelled to Syria to produce two immersive journalism works in collaboration with FisheyeVR.  LucidWeb repackaged both productions and added a 360° capture image as background. Compatible with Cardboard VR, Gear VR, HTC Vive & Oculus Rift

Fashion Museum Antwerp (MoMu) – Olivier Theyskens

By LucidWeb: MoMu, Cousteau en Olivier Theyskens collaborated on a 360° video experience where the visitor is guided through the expo in a virtual tour, by the voice of Olivier Theyskens, creating an intimate atmosphere.

VRT Wonen.tv

WebVR experience made by LucidWeb, that is core to an online activation of a TV show where the hosts visits the most architecturally outstanding houses in Belgium . Browser-based virtual walk based on hotspots, animated with 2D video and audio. Compatible with iOS, Android, Cardboard VR, Gear VR, HTC Vive & Oculus Rift

11 examples of WebXR

Wonderful article on Medium by Uve, titled: “Eleven examples of how WebVR is being used today”. His post is based on the talk he gave on WebXR on the 5th of July 2017 originally called “How is WebVR currently used?”

WebXR Polyfill examples

We have created a draft WebXR API proposal for providing access to both augmented and virtual reality devices. You can take a look at an early implementation of this proposal, complete with examples that run on a range of AR- and VR-capable browsers.

Iberia Virtual Flight

This is a cool flight simulator game made by Iberia. Control the plane by tilting your head, fly through rings and collect stars to increase your score.

Romes invisible city

The BBC and ScanLAB Projects made an educational WebVR experience where you can explore around, look at things to learn more about them.
It’s made up of a 360 photos and you navigate around by looking at markers in the world.

Stranger things countdown

Studio Zero made a countdown website, for the second season of the TV series stranger things where you are in a room from the show and can see a live countdown to the air date.

A-frame examples

Examples. Hello WebVR · Hello Metaverse · 360° Image · 360° Image Gallery · 360° Video · Animation · Anime UI · Audio Visualization · Lights · Shopping · Snowglobe · Tracked Controllers · A-Blast · A-Painter · A Saturday Night · City Builder · Museum.