An experimental app for iOS that lets developers create Augmented Reality (AR) experiences using web technologies. Note: This is not an official Google product. Nor is it a fully-featured web browser. Nor are the enabling JavaScript APIs standards, or on the standardization path. WebARonARKit is only meant to enable developer experimentation.

Wikitude browser app

Wikitude’s “computer vision” is a bit like magic and connects you with the world in a completely new way. Use Wikitude as a tool to experience augmented reality content, campaigns, projects, promotions, games and so much more by simply scanning the things you see!

WebXR Viewer browser app

Mozilla’s WebXR Viewer is an augmented reality (AR) viewer that lets you create and run AR experiences built with web technologies and ARKit. It is a proposed cross-platform Web API for AR and VR, released to give web developers a chance to experiment with AR, and provide input to the WebXR community as they develop AR support in the WebXR specification.

Blippar browser app

Discover a whole new world through your phone’s camera by ‘blipping’ everyday objects, products or images. Unlock helpful information, interact with your favourite brands, play videos, games, music and more. All through the magic of augmented reality and image recognition.

Layar browser app

Data in the Layar mobile browser comes in the form of layers. Layers are REST web services, serving geo-located points of interest in the vicinity of the user. Layers are developed and maintained by third parties using a free API.

Mixare browser app

mixare (mix Augmented Reality Engine) is a free open source augmented reality browser, which is published under the GPLv3. mixare is available for Android and for the iPhone3GS and above. It works as a completely autonomous application and is available as well for the development of own implementations.

ARgon browser app

The Argon Augmented Reality Browser was the worlds first Augmented Reality browser based on open web standards. Argon4 enables traditional web developers to create augmented reality applications that combine the device hardware sensors with computer vision tracking technology.