It seems Awe comes in two flavours: One is a Wysiwyg editor with a drag & drop interface, to easily create your web-AR, combined with a publishing platform, for a monthly fee.  The second flavour is the DIY option, using their library and open-source API.


Ar.js is a very fast, marker-based, open-source Augmented Reality solution for the web.  It is based on three.js + jsartoolkit5 and can be combined with A-frame ( ).  It runs on all mobile platforms: Android, iOS11 and Windows mobile.  Depending on your device, it can run very fast, up to 60fps on 2year-old phones!

Glitch WebXR examples

On this site,Made by Fabien Benetou for the VRLab Brussels Meetup,  you can make your WebAR experiment yourself! You use the examples as boiler plates, in order to create something in very little time. Click Show in the header to see your app live. Updates to your code will instantly deploy and update live.

WebXR Polyfill examples

We have created a draft WebXR API proposal for providing access to both augmented and virtual reality devices. You can take a look at an early implementation of this proposal, complete with examples that run on a range of AR- and VR-capable browsers.

WebXR Device API Specification

WebXR is driving support for accessing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, including sensors and head-mounted displays on the Web.


ARCore is a Software Development Kit (SDK) introduced by Google in August 2017 for the implementation of augmented reality (AR) applications on Android devices. As a successor to Project Tango it is not just for Android devices with special sensors. ARCore is the Tango SDK without the support of a special depth camera.



AR kit  is a new framework, introduced in iOS 11, that allows you to easily create unparalleled augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad, blending digital objects and information with the environment around you.

Argon js

Argon.js is an open-standards augmented reality platform for the web. Initially created to supporting creating AR web applications for the Argon4 browser, argon.js is now aimed at supporting AR in any web browser, using whatever capabilities are available on each platform.

Babylon js

Babylon.js is a complete Javascript framework for building 3D games with HTML5 WebGL, WebVR and Web Audio.